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Gypsy Chinese!
The name evokes it all!


The epitome of Gastronomic indianised chinese cuisine…!!
The art of dining out has metamorphized as rapidly as the technology surrounding us but what has remained virgin for almost three decades is the food taste and quality at Gypsy chinese by serving its esteemed and royal patrons with unmatched consistency and mighty vigour with utmost customer satisfaction…
The secret mille of chinese cuisine is based upon the complex fusion and balancing of a soiree of exotic vegetables, rare spices, healthy herbs,delicately cut meats and seafood and ultimately given mercurial flavour by intrinsically prepared fresh sauces made of secret recipes and then cooked to perfectly honed culinary skills…. Gypsy chinese achieved iconic status and made its name a much revered one in mumbai, now you get to savour the same taste and its delectable chinese cuisine right here in dubai…
So please come and take guard as our esteemed guest at this cult classic chinese restaurant and begin your gastronomic journey to satiate your taste buds by exploring its diverse menu taking you through the different regions of manchuria, canton, szechuan and shanghai along with many of its own rare, ingenious and super exotic preparations.
Dear guest, come indulge at a culinary wonderplace and begin your sumptuous dining experience par excellence…


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